2016 ARAW Values Awards Competition Rules

Sep 01 2016


Branded Communications

  • The entry should highlight a specific campaign for a product or service
    • Example: ACME Light-A-Home Mother’s Day Treat

Advocacy Communications

  • The entry should highlight a specific campaign for an organization/company/ corporation. This includes Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns, Products and Services.
    • Example: ACME Road Lighting Neighborhood Watch


  1. Love of God and Respect for Religious Beliefs

    Communications that uphold the importance of worship or living by the teachings of a religion or a superior being.

  2. Commitment to Truth, Honesty and Integrity

    Communications that champion the value of truthfulness, the practice of fairness, and adherence to ethical principles.

  3. Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions

    Communications that promote our national pride and identity. This may include our good cultural traits, history, achievements and the beauty of our country.

    The category also includes communications that encourage people to protect our democracy, contribute to progress or get involved in community services and nation-building.

  4. Reverence for Family Unit or Marriage or Responsible Parenthood

    Communications that a) promote family togetherness, or b) value the institution of marriage, or c) help people achieve a better, more responsible approach to parenthood.

  5. Respect and Care for Life and Dignity and the Rights of All

    Communications that promote the basic rights of people like the right to safety, education, equal protection by the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion; and the promotion of the rights of children.

    This category includes communications about the promotion of physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

  6. Respect for Law and Authority and Promotion of Self-discipline

    Communications that encourage good citizenship and good governance as demonstrated in following rules, paying taxes, etc.

  7. Concern for and Preservation of the Environment

    Communications that endorse the protection, proper management, or enrichment of our natural resources, including animals and plants, for their sustainability.


Branded and Advocacy entries may be submitted in the following forms/media:

  • Single entry TV/Cinema (.mp4 format)
  • Single entry Radio (.mp3 format)
  • Single entry Print (.pdf format)
  • Single entry OOH/Merchandising & Promo Collaterals (.pdf format)
  • Single entry Audio-Visual/Short Film/Infomercials (.mp4 format)
  • Single entry Direct Communications/Activation (.pdf format)
  • Single entry Digital/Interactive (screen shots in .pdf format)
  • Multimedia campaign – must comprise of at least 3 materials from at least one traditional medium (TV (.mp4 format), Radio (.mp3 format), Print (.pdf format)) and any two of the following non-traditional medium – OOH/merchandising & promo collaterals (.pdf format), Direct Communications/Activation, Digital/Interactive (.pdf format).


  • An entry should reflect a specific ARAW Cornerstone Value and be entered in the right category.

  • Competition is open to any company or individual belonging to an Ad Foundation-represented organization, Ad Standards Council-represented organization, other members of the Ad Foundation and to legitimate high school and college students of Philippine schools.

  • Materials entered must have been aired/published/exhibited/implemented on legitimate media * within the period of 01 September 2014 to 31 August 2016.

    *Legitimate media is defined as:

    TV/Cinema – Free or Cable TV; not included are closed circuit TV and TV showing in point-of-sale, auditoriums. Qualified cinema entries are those shown before paying audience.

    Print – Regularly published and distributed, national or regional print materials. Not included are one-off publications like souvenir programs and   playbills.

    Radio – National, Regional or Local Public Radio.

  • All entries including Advocacy Communications entries must also submit these supporting documents together with the entry materials:

    • For TV and Radio, Certificate of Performance (CP) showing at least 3 spots of airing frequency.
    • For Print, PDF of tear sheets of publications and Certificate of Publication showing at least 3x frequency
    • For direct and OOH entries, Certificate of Implementation showing entries have been publicly displayed, distributed or delivered to target audiences within the same period.
    • Digital entries must provide screenshots of the site when it was active. In case the site is still active, mention the URL address in the support documents.
    • Activation, events, sponsorships must be accompanied by photos/videos of the event.
  • Technical Requirements: Please refer to Annex A

  • Adaptations of foreign concepts are acceptable; however, entrant must show original material for judges to fairly appreciate local input/ interpretation.

  • Entry Fee is PhP 3,500 per Single Entry and PhP 5,000 for Multimedia Campaign Entry.

  • For Students Division, Entry Fee is PhP 1,000 per Entry.

  • Entries with unpaid competition fees upon start of judging will not be included in the online judging.

  • Likewise, entries lacking supporting documents as required upon start of judging will also be excluded from the judging system.

  • All ads with Ad Standards Council (ASC) Cease and Desist Orders meted out at any point of time are not eligible.

  • The Ad Foundation is inhibited from entering in the competition, its own initiated campaigns; however, these may be entered by foundation members or cooperators who were involved in the said campaign.


  • Application and submission of entries will be done online. Interested parties will visit the ARAW Values site –

  • Create an account – Applicants will create an account by filling out the online form with the required information. Student participants, when registering, will be assigned an alphanumeric code by the system. Students should use this code when submitting their entries online. Group of students who will participate/register should assign a representative or team leader who will register on behalf of the group.

  • Submission of materials:

    – Advertising industry entrants will choose from the following:

    a. The ARAW Cornerstone Values Category

    b. The Division – Branded or Advocacy Communications

    c. The Medium –

    1. Multimedia Campaign (at least 3 materials – 1 traditional and 2 non- traditional)
    2. Single Entry – TV/Cinema, Radio, Print, Short Film/Documentary, OOH/Merchandizing & Promo Collaterals, Direct Communications/Activation, Digital/ Interactive
    – Student entrants will choose from the following:

    a. The ARAW Cornerstone Values Category

    b. The Medium – Single entry TV/cinema, radio, print, digital marketing, short film documentary

  • Deadline of submission of entries is October 27, 2016.

  • The Ad Foundation will send a billing invoice/Statement of Account to the entrants for the total amount of entry fee(s) to be paid.

  • Payment, in CASH or in CHECK,  may be done through the following:

    1. For check payments, please prepare check in favor of Advertising Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

    2. Pay directly at the Advertising Foundation office at Unit 702, 7/F Makati Cinema Square Tower (MCS Tower), 1299 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City; Telephone nos. : 812-6702 & 812-6231. A corresponding official receipt will be issued to your favor.

    3. You may deposit payment at the BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (BPI) or any of its BPI branches,  in the account of Advertising  Foundation of the Philippines  with account number  CA # 3211 – 0590 - 78. Scan billing invoice and deposit slip and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    4. A scanned copy of the Official Receipt (OR) will be e-mailed to entrant/payee and the original copy of the OR will be sent through mail/courier upon clearance of the check payment.



    • Does the material reflect the specific Araw Cornerstone Value it has been entered in? Does it have a strong and positive message to its target audience?
  • CREATIVITY = 40%

    • Does the execution present the values message in a fresh, insightful and compelling manner? Does it have the appropriate craftsmanship and production values?

    • Is the exposure and choice of media vehicle appropriate and sufficient in conveying the values message to the intended target audience?


The ARAW Values Awards Competition Management Committee, in consultation with the 10th ARAW Values Awards Executive Committee, shall select knowledgeable, credible, respected and relevant persons from various appropriate industries and disciplines to constitute the screening panel of judges for the Finalists-Metal Round.


There will be two phases of judging: the Finalists-Metal Round and the Special Jury for Platinum awards. No judge may sit in both panels.

The Finalists-Metal judging juries will comprise of at least four (4) panels with at least nine (9) persons of multi-sectoral composition per panel. Three (3) panels will be assigned two (2) specific ARAW Cornerstone Values each and they will judge all entries for those assigned Values. One panel will be assigned the remaining ARAW Cornerstone Value and will also judge all the student entries. The Finalists-Metal Round judging session with be done online. Online judging will be supervised by the Competition’s independent auditing firm.

There will be a Special Jury of at least five (5) persons for the selection of Platinum winners. The Special Jury will be composed of the incumbent Chairman of the Ad Foundation, three (3) respected and prominent persons from aligned industries and disciplines and a Chairperson who is an esteemed industry pioneer. The last four (4) members will be determined by the ARAW Values Awards Executive Committee. Judging will be done with the physical presence of the special Jury with deliberation, if necessary, and duly supervised by the Competition’s independent auditing firm.


Finalists-Metal Round Online Judging Process

  • The Finalists-Metal Round determines whether an entry makes it as a finalist or as a metal winner.

  • A panel of judges scores each entry based on the ARAW Values Awards Criteria.

  • Each jury member individually scores the entry from 1 to 10 for each line item in the ARAW Values Awards Criteria.

  • The 1 to 10 score is then given the respective weight based on the ARAW Values Awards Criteria breakdown.

  • All jury members may rate the entry up to the 1st decimal point.

  • Individual judges cannot see the scores of other judges.

  • All jury members’ weighted scores are averaged by the Competition’s independent auditing firm.

  • All entries with a weighted Score of 7.00 to 7.90, will receive the ARAW Values Finalists’ Certificate.

  • All entries, with the following weighted scores, will merit ARAW Values  Metals:
    8.00 – 8.50 –  Bronze
    8.51 – 8.99 –  Silver
    9.00 – 10.00 – Gold

  • For the Students Competition, the highest scoring entry across all categories shall receive the Grand ARAW Values trophy.

  • Results of the online Finalists-Metal Round will be reviewed, tabulated, validated and certified by the Competition’s independent auditing firm, submitting the official report to the Ad Foundation Assistant Board Secretary/Executive Director.

    Platinum Round

  • All Gold Metal winners for Branded and Advocacy Communications are qualified to compete for the Platinum ARAW Values Award.

  • Physical presence and deliberation of the Special Jury will be required for the Platinum Awards, to be conducted under the overall supervision of the Competition’s independent auditing firm.

  • It is possible that some categories will not have any winners.


  • Student entries are open to individual and groups of students in high school and college levels. Students may enter in any of the ARAW Cornerstone Values Categories and submissions may come in the form of the following:

  • Single entry TV or Cinema – in storyboard format (.pdf format)

  • Single entry Print – in compre format (.pdf format)

  • Single entry Radio – in script format (.pdf format)

  • Single entry digital marketing – sample of web page (screen shots in .pdf format)

  • All entries must not include the student’s name and name of the school, college or university he/she is enrolled in, but must be identified with the alphanumeric code provided by the ARAW Values Awards system during online registration.

  • All entries must be certified by the school, as represented by the College Dean, or the student’s professor, or adviser.

  • Student must e-mail a certification (PDF Format) from his school/college/university Dean or professor that he/she is currently enrolled in as a student.

  • Student entries will be charged by PhP 1,000 per entry.

  • There will be only one ARAW Values Grand Prize for the Students’ Competition.

  • All student entries will be judged in the Finalists-Metal online judging by the Juries.


From the Ad Standards Council (ASC) member-associations and Ad Foundation members, comprised of its four (4) membership categories (Life Benefactors/Founding Pillars, association-members, Sustaining Members and Honorary Life Members).

From well-known and respected foundations and non-profit organizations, e.g. Metrobank Foundation, Ayala Foundation, SM Foundation, Gawad Kalinga, PBSP, Haribon, Coca-Cola Foundation, Jollibee Foundation, Kapuso Foundation, Bantay Bata Foundation, Hands on Manila, etc.

From the academe and cultural community.

From select government and international agencies and institutions.


Should conflict of interest arise, the concerned member of the panel should inhibit himself/herself in judging the particular entry. The member shall be required to inform ARAW Values Advertising Awards Competition Management Committee on the said conflict.   

  • Jury members must abstain from judging an entry if it is from his/her company/brand/account and from a direct competitor of his/her brand/account.

  • Jury members can pass/abstain from rating a certain campaign/material by marking the ‘Pass/Abstain’ check box on the scoresheet on the online judging.


The assistance of an independent and respectable auditing firm shall be secured to take charge of the judging sessions and results from the preliminary to Finalists-Metal and Special Jury judging, to include the selection of a Platinum winner(s), if any.


Any protest on the eligibility of an entry must be formally filed (in writing) by a participating organization or entrant after the announcement of the finalists, one week before the final judging. No protests shall be entertained outside of  this period.

The decision of the ARAW Values Awards Overall Organizing Committee shall be final and non-appealable.


For any and all possible issues or controversies relating to the submitted entries, it will be discussed and resolved by the ARAW Values Awards Executive Committee.



Entry forms must be accessed online


Single TV/film entries must be submitted as aired, including end tags (legal copy, DTI permit no., promo period, etc.) in .MP4 format. Each entry should have its own .MP4 format. Broadcast material clearance, specifically the ASC clearance, and Proof of Airing documents or CP’s (with minimum 3 spots airing frequency) must be submitted with the entries (in.PDF Format).

For Branded or Advocacy Communications aired or exhibited through a documentary/short film feature/TV episode/audio-visual presentation (AVP), submit a video synopsis with maximum 3-minutes length (in MP4 Format). Include an explanatory brief on the entry on maximum 2 pages, using Arial font size 11 (in .PDF Format).

*Other support documents should be in .pdf Format

A.3    PRINT

Single print entries/ tear sheets must be submitted as published (i.e. must include the full page of the publication in which the ad or material was published), including legal copy (i.e. dealer lists, promo mechanics, etc.). These must be scanned and saved in .PDF format.

*Other support documents should be in .pdf Format

A.4    RADIO

Single radio entries must be submitted as aired, including legal copy (DTI permit no., promo period, etc.) These should be submitted in MP3 format

*Other support documents should be in .pdf Format


All entries shall be required to submit a digital file of each entry (in .PDF Format), and labeled accordingly.

All entries must be accompanied by:

  • Proof of posting (photo of material in actual venue) in PDF Format

  • Certificate of Placement (issued by Client) for outdoor placements made through non- OAAP accredited suppliers, or a Certificate of Posting from the media company if the placements were made through them. In PDF Format

*support documents should be in .pdf Format


a.    SITE
The entry should include screen shots of the complete website or microsite in PDF format. Entrants must submit detailed information when the site was first put up, along with an accompanying Certification by the Client for the respective entry. For the sake of clarity, it is highly recommended that a presentation video (in.mp4 Format) lasting no longer than 2-3 minutes, be included with each entry, showcasing the navigation and interaction within the site.

*support documents should be in .pdf Format

All entries must show the ad in the context of a webpage as it was originally displayed. Entries that are animated may be submitted in .mp4 format that can help the judges understand the context within the ad/material is executed. Entrants need to give detailed information when the online advertising first appeared, along with an accompanying certification by the client for the respective entry.

*support documents should be in .pdf Format

c.    VIRAL
Includes all digital media that can be downloaded, forwarded, or linked to. Entrants need to give a detailed information when the Viral Advertising was first made available, along with an accompanying certification by the client for the respective entry. The entry should include the complete screen shots in.PDF format. Emails and EDM must be presented as the original e-mail including the “subject” and “from” fields. Viral videos must be presented so the judges can see how an individual was led to the video (ex. posted within a website, e-mailed virally, etc.). Video must not be longer than 3 minutes in .mp4 format. All entries must show the video in the context in which it was originally displayed.

d.    SOCIAL
Includes any digital executions in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others. Entries should include the specific URL link of the social asset 9 (screen shots in .pdf format). If the specific social media page is not present anymore, screenshots should be provided and visible data like number of likes, people talking about, and/or at least one post with the date should be included (in .pdf format). For the sake of clarity, it is also recommended that a short video (no more than 3 minutes) (in .mp4 format) be included with each entry, to show any significant details of the social asset, which can include, but not limited to, how the FB App is used by its users, and specific numbers on user engagement of the social asset or the App.


Entrant agencies shall be required to submit a digital file (.pdf format) of each entry, and labeled accordingly.


For all printed entries (posters, merchandising materials, direct mail, etc.), sponsorships, activation, events, etc.


  • For Mailing entries, please supply 1 or 2 copies of the actual mailing piece. (in .PDF Format)

  • For print, please supply 1 proof or copy of the material, as appropriate (in .PDF Format)

  • For Infomercial or sponsorship entries, please supply one .mp4 Format of the spot.  The edited video spot should not be longer than 3 minutes.

  • For other forms of alternative media such as events, activation, etc., please supply documenting video or photographs as appropriate. Video (in .MP4 Format) should not exceed 2 minutes in length.

  • For digital or interactive entries, please supply/provide   .  Screenshots  of the entries in .PDF Format.


Each individual material that comprises the multimedia campaign must be submitted along with the technical requirements that are apt to the material’s medium (for instance, if television materials are a part of a multimedia campaign entry, each TV material must be submitted as aired, with the relevant legalities and broadcast material clearances, as noted previously in the segment, and “technical requirements for TV entries”).

It is highly recommended that a concise presentation video (lasting no longer than 3 minutes in .mp4 format) be included with each Integrated Multimedia Campaign entry, detailing the execution and mechanics involved.

Entrant agencies, or advertisers, or media firms, or production services suppliers, shall be required to submit a digital file of each entry, and labeled accordingly.

*support documents should be in .pdf Format

Support Documents


Single Medium


Main Entry



Certificate of Performance or Proof of Implementation

Strategy Document

Support Videos






Yes (minimum 3 spots) PDF

If needed, PDF Format







Yes (minimum 3 spots) PDF

If needed, PDF Format




Tear sheet


Yes (if applicable)

Yes (at least 3X frequency)

If needed, PDF Format



Merchandizing & Promo Collaterals




Yes, with photos of display

If needed, PDF Format



Digital Interactive



-Social Media

-Viral Video


Screenshot of website or microsite

Screenshot of posts






MP4 (max 3






If needed, PDF Format



Direct Communications

-collaterals/ mailing


-events/ activation


Collateral material/ mailing piece







If needed, PDF Format











Multimedia Campaign





If needed, PDF format

Case video, max 3 mins.


  1. One Traditional








TV/Cinema, or








Radio, or











Yes (if applicable)





  1. Two of Any of the Following:








Out-of-Home, or/&








Digital Interactive, or/&








Direct Communication