10th ARAW Values Awards Organizing Committee Meets

Aug 26 2016

The 10th ARAW Values Advertising Awards Organizing Committee convened its first plenary meeting last July 2016 to align plans of all the various working committees and operating units for the 10th biennial season of ARAW Values Awards. At the helm of the meeting presentations and discussions are Blen M. Fernando, the 10th ARAW Values Awards Overall Organizing Chairperson, duly assisted by executive officers of the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines, incumbent Chairman of the Board Ruperto S. Nicdao, Jr., International Relations Officer and 9th ARAW Values Awards Organizing Chairman Ed G. Sunico, and Assistant Board Secretary & Executive Director Linda C. Gamboa.

The 10th ARAW Values Awards components consist of:  (a) Competition, soon to be launched, for entries from industry and students; (b) a massive, multimedia communication and information campaign; (c) the Awards Night for the presentation of winners, to include a showcase of select performing artists and talents as the Competition’s culminating evening by November 2016; and (d) the Awards’ Night delayed telecasts special to be aired in early December nationwide over ABS-CBN and shortly thereafter,  over some parts of the world, by The Filipino Channel (TFC).

The 10th ARAW Values Awards Organizing Committee is composed of some 20 select multi-sector members of Ad Foundation and the industry, working together as a socially committed corps of volunteers, to promote and inculcate positive values for social changes of benefit to industry, people and country.

This year’s ARAW Values Awards marks the 10th season of this industry’s biennial competition, first implemented in 1998.