ARAW 7 Cornerstone Values

Aug 26 2016

The ARAW 7 Cornerstone Values serve as key entry categories, at the same time, as competition criteria for judging to select winners for the industry and students divisions of the  biennial ARAW Values Advertising Awards.

  1. Love of God and Respect for Religious Beliefs Communications that uphold the importance of worship or living by the teachings of a religion or a superior being.

  2. Commitment to Truth, Honesty and Integrity
    Communications that champion the values of truthfulness, the practice of fairness and adherence to ethical principles.

  3. Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions
    Communications that promote our national pride and identity. These may include our good cultural traits, history, achievements and the beauty of our country.

    The category also includes communications that encourage people to protect our democracy, contribute to progress, or get involved in community services and nation-building.

  4. Reverence for Family Unit, or Marriage, or Responsible Parenthood
    Communications that promote family togetherness, or value the institution of marriage, or help people achieve a better, more responsible approach to parenthood.

  5. Respect and Care for Life and Dignity and the Rights of All
    Communications that promote the basic rights of people like the right to safety, education, equal protection by the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the promotion of the rights of children.

  6. Respect for Law and Authority and Promotion of Self-discipline
    Communications that encourage good citizenship and good governance, as demonstrated in the following rules: paying taxes, observing traffic rules and regulations, etc.

  7. Concern for and Preservation of the Environment
    Communications that endorse the protection, proper management, or enrichment of our natural resources, including animals and plants, for their sustainability.