The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines, or Ad Foundation, is the industry’s social development institution and advocacy body. Dubbed as its “social conscience”, the non-partisan Ad Foundation also serves as the “3rd Peg of Self-Regulation” tasked to promote the industry’s concept and precepts of Self-Regulation for reliable and truthful advertising and marketing communications as well as its social responsibility of benefit to community, people and even country.

Advertising Foundation of the Philippines incorporated by industry and select business leaders in 1988 as a non-profit and non-stock corporation for developmental and social marketing endeavors, was approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in January 1989. Launched in August 1989, together with the fund drive for its start up. Ad Foundation’s actual operations commenced on July 15, 1990. The foundation is a duly certified tax-exempt donee institution, business league and non- VATable organization.


A socially responsible industry subscribing to Self – Regulation CARES for the PUBLIC GOOD, and through ADVERTISING and MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, can promote Filipino Values for social changes, assist in nation-building, render public service, and effectively reach out and influence the mindsets of the masses for the well-being of industry, community, people and country.


  • Maximize the development of the industry and its allied fields.
  • Promote the social responsibility of the industry
  • Promote the interests of the general consuming public and the entire industry by supporting continuing efforts of Self-Regulation on Content, Trade Practice and Conduct of Business, and Advocacy Advertising
  • Assist in promoting Philippine culture, people and country.


Ad Foundation has a select membership-mix of business entities, industry trade associations and professional organizations in marketing communications and its allied disciplines, academe and academic organizations in marketing communications and its allied fields, and deserving individuals of renowned integrity and track records in social marketing with outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the foundation. Membership of the Ad Foundation is invitational. And thus, the foundation does not have any membership assessment or annual dues. Ad Foundation membership consists of these four (4) categories:

  • Life Benefactors/Founding Pillars, responsible for the foundation start-up and sustained operations
  • Association-members, representing the industry’s multi-sector business and allied professions in marketing communications
  • Sustaining members composed of corporate business firms supportive of the foundation programs and projects as cooperators, to also include academic organizations in marketing communications
  • Select and deserving individuals with outstanding contributions to the growth and development of Ad Foundation


Programs of Ad Foundation are structured, based on its mandate and functional roles, covering six (6) areas.  These are:

  • Industry Development such as seminar -workshops, for an exhibits, etc. on human resources development, Self -Regulation, etc. for industry growth and well-being
  • Educational Development like conventions, congresses, seminar-workshops and other projects in partnership with the academe
  • Social Communications particularly on Values promotion and advocacy, for positive social changes and along nation-building goals
  • Sectoral Outreach, primarily Voters Education for a more matured electorate capable of conducting orderly and honest elections of local and national leaders and protecting the country’s democracy and Environmental Management concerns as well
  • Social Development & Research, for the conduct of industry and foundation project studies and surveys, to include special studies towards the development of a stronger public opinion
  • Special Projects, that consist of a wide range of endeavors to promote  Philippine culture, people and country


Ad Foundation has a 21 - board of trustees as its policy and decision-making, and together with its Executive Committee composed of executive officers that serves as its management body, constitute the foundation’s governing body, with the Chairman of the Board as presiding officer.

Various working committees and project task force units, composed of select corps of volunteers from the Ad Foundation and industry memberships, implement various foundation programs and projects. Ad Foundation has six (6) Program Committees and three (3) Admin-Support Committees, geared to assist the Executive Committee (ExCom) and the board. The foundation Chairman and Executive Director, concurrently the assistant board secretary, are ex-officio members of all the working committees. Project Task Force Units (PTFU) are sub-committees, under each Program Committee, created  to undertake specific endeavors under each program area.

Program Committees :

  • Industry Development Committee (IDC)
  • Educational Development Committee (EDC)
  • Social Communications Unit (SCU)
  • Sectoral Outreach Committee (SOC)
  • Social Development & Research Committee (SDRC)
  • Special Projects Committee (SPC)

Administration-Support Committees :

  • Membership Committee (MC)
  • Finance/Ways & Means Committee (WMC)
  • PR/Promotions  & Information Committee (PRC)

The foundation has a professional secretariat, headed by an Executive Director, concurrently the Assistant Board Secretary, to manage day-to-day Ad Foundation activities and business.
Ad Foundation retains the services of internal and external auditors on a regular basis. And as needed, the foundation also secures the services of consultants for legal and technical requirements.


Ad Foundation has four (4) flagship projects, that are managed by the respective structured Organizing Committee, as created by the foundation Chairman and/or by the entire Executive Committee.

  1. ARAW Values Advertising Awards: the biennial industry awards program anchored on the ARAW 7 Cornerstone Values and geared to promote and inculcate positive Filipino Values for social changes along national development goals, encourage Values Advertising within the industry and generate some net income from the Awards Night nationwide telecast special for the foundation’s sustainability and start-up of key projects in social marketing.

  2. AdMasters Golf Championship; the annual industry-unifying and fellowship-building golf tournament that also serves as a ways & means project with values output to raise funds for the foundation operations and for a deserving, worthy social cause as a beneficiary.

  3. Gintong Haligi Awards in Social Marketing: the awards program developed by Ad Foundation to duly recognize the accomplishments of its members in social marketing and their deserving corporate responsibility programs of impact to public service and national development for the well-being of people and country.

  4. Ad Foundation Endowment Fund: creation of an Endowment Fund is a group initiative of the past and incumbent foundation Chairmen to generate enough funds from cash contributions and donations of members, for deposit in the foundation-prescribed bank and for its interests income to sustain the Ad Foundation operations on a continuing and long-term basis.


Funding resources of Ad Foundation are relatively minimal considering that it does not have a regular revenue base such as membership entrance assessment and annual dues. Ad Foundation, to a great extent, relies on cash contributions and in-kind donations of its members. And thus, the foundation has faced perennial financial constraints and challenges. Its limited  funding primarily come from:

  • Cash contributions-donations of some members and industry organizations
  • Ways & Means projects, with values output, i.e., net income of the annual AdMasters Golf Championship
  • Net income share of the foundation from the delayed nationwide telecast special of the  of the biennial ARAW Values Awards Night
  • Cash-convertible airtime (radio or TV) and/or print ad space donations 
  • Grants for specific programs or projects
  • Management fee, of some 3% to 5%, for funded assistance and/or partnership projects, per formal agreements

Despite the foundation’s nil and relatively unstable financial resources, Ad Foundation weathered through its numerous difficulties, managing to reach its 26th years of operations this year. While Ad Foundation growth and development has been relatively slowed down due to its financial constraints, the institution managed to survive. The real worth and wealth of Ad Foundation lie on the quality of its select members and its highly committed corps of volunteers that constitute its governing body and various working committees, on its lean and mean secretariat with a genuine passion for work, on its highly supportive cooperators and partners in various programs, projects and activities renowned for their big hearts that apparently never tire of lending a helping hand, melded together with the foundation’s non-partisan character. These are the attributes that accounted for Ad Foundation’s capabilities to survive, with strong coping mechanisms responsible for sustaining its continuous operations through the years.

Advertising Foundation of the Philippines has accomplished more than 300 projects over the years. And most of these endeavors made a lot of difference --- to the industry, its stakeholders, communities, people and country. These are solid accomplishments that definitely strengthen the Ad Foundation niche in Social Marketing, as they likewise renew fresh hopes and optimism for the foundation to live through the many more years ahead.